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See how Adobe's new AI video model can transform Premiere Pro. Generate videos, add or remove objects using text prompts. Exciting updates ahead!

Adobe is bringing a new AI video model to its Firefly family. This will add new tools to Premiere Pro. Users will soon generate videos, add objects, or remove them using just text prompts. These tools work like Photoshop's Generative Fill feature. You can even extend video clips with ease.

Adobe has not set a release date for these new tools. They will roll out sometime this year. An early video demo showed what the model can do. Adobe also plans to integrate with third-party AI models. These models include Runway, Pika Labs, and OpenAI's Sora. This gives users more choices for their projects.

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The third-party AI integrations are still in the early stages. Adobe calls this an "early exploration." In the future, these could become part of Premiere Pro. The goal is to offer users more options. For instance, Pika could help extend shots. Sora or Runway AI could generate B-roll clips. These features are not set in stone yet.

Adobe aims to give users a range of tools. You can use different AI models for different tasks. This flexibility can help make video editing more creative. Adobe has a system called Content Credentials. It labels generated clips. This shows which AI models were used. This helps users know more about their content.

The new features could change how people edit videos. Generating video with text prompts can save time. It can also make editing more creative and fun. Users will have more ways to play with video content. This can lead to new and exciting projects.

Adobe is moving forward with AI in creative tools. Premiere Pro users can expect more options and features. The goal is to make video editing easier and more innovative. These new AI tools and integrations could be a big step forward.

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