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Wholesale Cat Bowls & Feeders – Starlight Pet

Explore our wholesale offerings for cat bowls and feeders at Starlight Pet, where quality meets quantity for retailers, distributors, and pet care professionals. Whether you’re running amazon store or supplying a grooming salon, our wholesale feature ensures you have access to premium feline dining solutions. Learn more about our wholesale program below.

Product Features:

  • New Designs: Our cat bowls and feeders come in a variety of automatic designs, promoting better posture during meals. This not only enhances your cat’s comfort but also you can interact with your fur baby via camera while you are away from home.

  • Anti-Skid Base: No more sliding bowls! Our cat feeders are equipped with anti-skid bases to keep them securely in place, preventing messy spills and ensuring a tidy eating area.

  • Easy to Clean: Hygiene is paramount. Our cat bowls are crafted with materials that are easy to clean, making mealtime cleanup a hassle-free task for pet owners.

  • Durable Materials: We prioritize durability to ensure that our cat bowls and feeders withstand the test of time. From playful kittens to mature cats, our products are built to endure daily use.

FAQs (Wholesale Inquiries):

Q1: What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases? A1: Our wholesale program is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes. The minimum order quantity varies based on the specific product and customization requirements. Connect with our wholesale team for detailed information.

Q2: Can I mix and match different cat bowl and feeder models for a wholesale order? A2: Yes, flexibility is key. Mix and match different cat bowl and feeder models within our wholesale catalog to create a customized order that suits your inventory and customer preferences.

Q3: Are there additional benefits for recurring wholesale orders? A3: Absolutely. We value long-term partnerships. Recurring wholesale orders may qualify for additional discounts and exclusive promotions. Contact our wholesale team to discuss personalized arrangements based on your business needs.

Q4: How can I place a wholesale order or request a quote? A4: Placing a wholesale order is straightforward. Reach out to our wholesale team through the dedicated contact form on our website. Share details about your business, the products you’re interested in, and any customization preferences. Our team will assist you promptly with a quote and guide you through the ordering process.

Choose Starlight Pet for wholesale cat bowls and feeders that combine quality, affordability, and customization options. Elevate your business with our reliable wholesale program designed to meet the unique needs of retailers and pet care professionals.

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