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Cat Travel Accessories & Carriers

Embarking on a journey with your feline companion doesn’t need to be a hassle. Whether you’re planning a lengthy road trip or a cross-country flight, your furry friend deserves to travel in comfort. Starlight Pet, a trusted manufacturer and wholesale supplier, is here to transform the travel experience with a range of cat travel accessories, including cat carriers, cat kennels & crates, cat strollers, cat calming aids, cat travel food bowls, cat car accessories, and more.Cat carriers come in various shapes and sizes, but prioritizing comfort is crucial when selecting a cat travel carrier. Just as you wouldn’t enjoy cramped leg space in coach, your kitty wouldn’t appreciate a cramped pet carrier. 

For cats that get uneasy during travel, ease anxiety with calming products like carrier and backpack can be a good option.Traveling with your pet can be enjoyable with the best cat travel accessories and products from Starlight Pet’s online wholesale pet supplies store. Explore our comprehensive selection, and for more great cat supplies, check out our cat toys, cat litter boxes, cat nail clippers, or treat your feline friend to a cat tree or cat scratcher she’ll love!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Travel Accessories & Carriers

What are the best cat travel accessories?
The best cat travel accessories will make every trip easier for you and your cat. In addition to a comfortable and secure cat carrier, accessories like travel food and water bowls and a portable litter box can make meeting your cat’s basic needs more convenient. A comfortable travel bed or pad will make any carrier cozier, and treats and toys may help relax your kitty, as well. Calming sprays, supplements, and vests can be helpful feline travel essentials, too.

What should I give my cat on a car ride?
Give your cat a comfortable blanket, bed, or pad in her carrier on a short car ride. For longer trips, line the carrier with a pee pad and bring along food and water to give your cat at rest stops. Avoid putting food and water in the cat’s carrier during transit to prevent uncomfortable spills. You may also want to use a calming spray if your cat gets stressed out on trips.

How do I make my cat comfortable when traveling?
Make your cat comfortable when traveling by securing her in a safe and sturdy cat carrier that has good ventilation. Starlight Pet carries a great selection of cat travel accessories to help your feline travel in style, including soft-sided cat carriers, hard-side carriers, and all the accessories you need for a purr-fect trip!

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